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Online Symposium Summary

Accessed via mobile, tablet or PC, this free to attend online symposium will highlight the latest advances in proteomics and metabolomics research and their applications in modern medicine.

The insights offered by proteomic and metabolomic approaches are helping to shape our understanding of diseases, accelerate the development of novel clinical biomarkers and facilitate drug discovery. This event from Technology Networks features a collection of exclusive talks from leading scientists in the field, discussing their research and lending insights on the advances and challenges in this exciting space.

If you want to learn how proteomics and metabolomics insights are fundamental in our pursuit towards personalized medicine, you don't want to miss this symposium.

Attend this online symposium to:
  • Learn how proteomics and metabolomics are shaping the landscape of modern medicine
  • Explore some of the challenges that scientists face in this exciting yet complex research space
  • Discuss proteomics and metabolomics with research leaders and peers

Talks will begin at 11am EDT, 8am PDT and will run until approximately 6pm EDT, 3pm PDT.

Keynote Speaker

Professor John Yates
Department of Molecular Medicine
Scripps Research


Birgit Schilling - Headshot NEW
Professor Birgit Schilling
Associate Professor & Director of Mass Spectrometry Core
Buck Institute for Research on Aging
Ben Orsburn
Ben Orsburn, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
Proteomic und Genomic Science
Ben Orsburn
Professor Kathryn S. Lilley
Research Group Head and Director Cambridge Centre for Proteomics
Fellow of Jesus College
Member of Milner Therapeutics Institute
Ben Orsburn
Professor Michael Olivier
Director, Center for Precision Medicine
Wake Forest School of Medicine
Genevieve - Agilent Research
Genevieve Van De Bittner, PhD
Scientist, Agilent Research Laboratories
Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Mark Sartain, PhD
LC/MS Application Scientist
Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Gary Kruppa Headshot
Gary Kruppa, PhD
Vice President of Proteomics
Bruker Daltonics, Inc.
Gary Kruppa Headshot
Nathan Basisty, PhD
Senior Postdoctoral Fellow
Buck Institute for Research on Aging
Cicely Schramm
Cicely Schramm, PhD
Cell Imaging Product Development
Lucy Woods, PhD
Lucy Woods, PhD
Global Business Unit Manager
Phenomics & Metabolomics Bruker Daltonics, Inc.


June 25, 2020

08:00 - 08:05 PDT

11:00 -11:05 EDT

16:00-16:05 BST

Welcome Address

08:05-08:55 PDT

11:05-11:55 EDT

16:05-16:55 BST

A PTM Code for Membrane Protein Maturation

Professor John Yates 50 minutes
08:55-09:00 PDT

11:55-12:00 EDT

16:55-17:00 BST


09:00-09:50 PDT

12:00-12:50 EDT

17:00-17:50 BST

Cracking Cellular Metabolism: from Novel Sample Prep To Powerful Insights With Discovery-based LC/MS Workflows

Genevieve Van de Bittner, PhD
Mark Sartain, PhD
50 minutes
09:50-09:55 PDT

12:50-12:55 EDT

17:50-17:55 BST


 09:55-10:55 PDT

12:55-13:55 EDT

17:55-18:55 BST

Towards a Spatial Atlas of the Transcriptome and Proteome

Professor Kathryn Lilley 60 minutes
10:55-11:00 PDT

13:55-14:00 EDT

18:55-19:00 BST


11:00-11:30 PDT

14:00-14:30 EDT

19:00-19:30 BST

New 4D-Proteomics Methods for Clinical Research: PASEF, dia-PASEF, and prm-PASEFF

Gary Kruppa, PhD 30 minutes
11:30-11:35 PDT

14:30-14:35 EDT

19:30-19:35 BST


11:35-12:20 PDT

14:35-15:20 EDT

19:35-20:20 BST

Beyond Proteomics or Metabolomics: How Much OMICS Do We Need?

Professor Michael Olivier 45 minutes
12:20-12:25 PDT

15:20-15:25 EDT

 20:20-20:25 BST


12:25-12:50 PDT

15:25-15:50 EDT

 20:25-20:50 BST

High Speed Untargeted 4D-Lipidomics LC-MS/MS Workflows With Parallel Accumulation Serial Fragmentation (PASEF)

Lucy Woods, PhD 25 minutes
12:50-12:55 PDT

15:50-15:55 EDT

20:50-20:55 BST


12:55-13:40 PDT

15:55-16:40 EDT

20:55-21:40 BST

The Power of Proteomics To Understand Mechanisms of Senescence During Aging – Data Independent Acquisitions 

Professor Birgit Schilling 45 minutes
 13:40-13:45 PDT

16:40-16:45 EDT

21:40-21:45 BST


13:45-14:10 PDT

16:45-17:10 EDT

  21:45-22:10 BST

Identifying Clinically Relevant PTMs: Targeting Succinylation for Treating Acute Kidney Injury

Nathan Basisty, PhD
25 minutes
 14:10-14:15 PDT

17:10-17:15 EDT

 22:10-22:15 BST


 14:15-14:45 PDT

17:15-17:45 EDT

22:15-22:45 BST

#ALSMinePTMS - The Largest Proteomic Informatics Experiment in History

Julia Bramante Ben Orsburn, PhD 30 minutes
 14:45-15:10 PDT

17:45-18:10 EDT

22:45-23:10 BST

Live-Cell Analysis for Cancer Metabolism

Julia Bramante Cicely Schramm, PhD 25 minutes
 15:10-15:15 PDT

 18:10-18:15 EDT

 23:10-23:15 BST

Closing remarks